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Senapan Angin pcp BSA Defiant .177 Air Rifles

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Detail Produk Senapan Angin pcp BSA Defiant .177 Air Rifles

BSA Defiant .177 Air Rifles

The Defiant is a full-on, pre-charged pneumatic, regulated bullpup, available in three stock options and born of BSA’s global study of what was going on in the airgun marketplace, and specifically what the company needed to do to claim its share of it. With the popularity of the bullpup design showing no sign of waning, BSA finally made the decision to produce one, but on the company’s own terms and with its own identity. Let’s study it, then.

There’s a significant advantage in being late to any production party, in that you get to study what’s gone before and how well, or otherwise, it’s worked. Hindsight is a priceless attribute when designing performance products, and BSA, quite rightly, took full advantage. Plans were drawn up, assessed, reformulated and re-mapped, before metal was cut and prototypes began to emerge. Then, as is the way of airgun development, these were pored over, punished and intensively tested, until the required changes announced themselves. Meanwhile, over in Italy, stockmaking maestros, Minelli, were busy producing the new bullpup’s woodwork, in its walnut, soft-touch hardwood, and the grey laminate option you see here.


My accuracy returns with the Defiant were exactly what I expected, and precisely what they should be. In partnership with its preferred Air Arms Diabolo Field .22s, the combination of that ECHF barrel and totally sorted action just kept putting ‘em where I pointed ‘em. Anyone using compatible pellets and half-tidy technique can do what I did and print out tiny clusters at every realistic range imaginable. My personal best is currently a 21mm diameter, 10-shot group at 47 yards, with no fliers of any kind. Every pellet landed exactly where I told it to, and that’s all anyone can ask of any airgun. Worth waiting for? You bet it is.


  • Model: Defiant
  • Manufacturer: BSA Guns
  • Country of origin: UK
  • Type: Pre-charged, multi-shot, bullpup sporter
  • Calibre: .22, .177
  • Cocking/loading: Sidelever
  • Loading: Via removable, rotary 10-shot magazine
  • Trigger: 2-stage, adjustable
  • Stock type: Ambidextrous thumbhole laminate. Stock also available in oiled walnut and soft-touch versions
  • Weight: 4.3kg (9.5lbs)
  • Length: 780mm (31 ins)
  • Barrel: 457mm (18ins)
  • Fill pressure: Max 232 bar
  • Shots per charge: 120 in .22, 110 in .177
  • Variation over 50 shots: 5 fps for .22 on test
  • Average energy: 11.4 ft.lbs.
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